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Why Australian Manufacturing Isn’t Out Of The Woods

Terri Reeves Tuesday, September 30, 2014 Blog
Broadbent's Blog


Written by John Broadbent -National Solution Lead – Manufacturing

I noticed in the trade news that the Australian manufacturing sector is showing signs of recovery.


A little more research turned this up: “To secure the future of this country, we must find ways of ensuring that other sectors can flourish, especially manufacturing.”

Hear, hear!

As Reserve Bank Governor, Glen Stevens has noted, we need to accelerate growth in the non-mining sectors so that we have a stable economy resilient enough to ride the fluctuating wave of commodity prices. To do this we need to be innovative in the way we do things.

I wish I had a dollar for every manufacturer I’ve visited in the last 4 decades who firmly believes that their problems are unique! What might be unique is the context of the problem, however the underlying issues are pretty much the same.

Government leadership in manufacturing has been missing for decades and not likely to improve, so the onus is on each business owner to create the most efficient business they can, to improve profitability for reinvestment and keep jobs on shore.

I know we can do it because I have customers that have, albeit being the exception to the rule.

The mantra is blunt and simple: Innovate or die.

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