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Lessons Learned

Terri Reeves Thursday, December 11, 2014 Broadbent's Blog
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If you’re a Soy milk drinker, especially in your barista-made coffee, you’ll often notice that Bonsoy is a favourite product of choice.
Or at least it was….
That was until tests in mid-2006 revealed the ‘milk’ contained high levels of iodine, created when Spiral Foods added Kombu (a seaweed used in Japanese cooking) back in 2003. The tests showed high traces of iodine, however Spiral Foods failed to act on the results. Failing to act on the results is looking likely to to result in the largest class-action settlement in Australia’s history (if approved). The amount? A whopping $25,000,000!
The cost to Spiral Foods of all this is unknown, however the social cost is enormous. There’s even a website created by Melbournian Tim Marsh as a repository of all the media, with a blow-by-blow description of the unfolding of the recall, the court case and the outcome. The title is aptly named: The Bonsoy Debacle.The learning from this must be that any manufacturer selling products to the wider Australian consumer MUST have adequate product testing, certifications and recall plans in place.

Anything less is painting a cross-hair on your business and inviting unnecessary risk.

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Written by John Broadbent -National Solution Lead –Manufacturing

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